Sunday, December 13, 2009

Baby Messages For Arrival There Was An Expectant Father Who Had Spent?

There was an expectant father who had spent? - baby messages for arrival

There was a pregnant father, who had spent much time waiting for the children came - in place of the law. "

As your balance of time is in the red was, "said his stepfather:" When my son did not call my office and say that I am a parent of a child, because you have to pay is a lot for parties. Allow me a message that the clock has arrived. That is our code for the new baby.

Young people do not show a day, but it is a girl. The father-in-law now thinks to himself: "If I say, do not get the clock to misunderstandings and to think that something happened to the child and ran out again."

Thus, the stepfather, the law has left the following message: "The time has come, but is missing the pendulum."

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