Friday, December 4, 2009

I Think Im In Love With You A Little Bit Lyrics Lyrics Feedback. Constructive Criticism?

Lyrics feedback. Constructive Criticism? - i think im in love with you a little bit lyrics

In writing, knows a song for the girl, and that is what I have to this day. It's called love Jessica.

If I never told you what I feel
I'd never be able to peel
I land,
after a jump from the roof.
It's killing me.

I never thought would happen
me singing my own song for you.
I wish you could sing with me
but it would make no sense, because I
sings a love song.
I love you infinitely.

I know it can work,
I'm ridiculous
but I do everything for you.
I know I'm in love
Because he can not sleep
because real life is finally better than my dreams.
It's killing me.

Dear Jessica,
I can not sleep when I think of you.
I feel like I'm hypnotized
for her beautiful blue eyes.
I hate to see you cry
So please do not reply.
The only way I can describe the feeling
I feel when I see you
It's love.

I know he's a little hectic, but I'm not finished yet, I thought I could get some information. I'm not so good, writing songs and this is my first time so that any comments would be appreciated.

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