Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Plymouth Auto Insurance Auto Insurance....Who Carries What?

Auto Insurance....Who carries what? - plymouth auto insurance

So husband and I received a car of MIL. The car is still under arrest with his name. We explain what it is to take out insurance on the car since his title to his name. After changing its May, when we are. Well .... Insurance you have more than $ 60 per month. We have a 02 Camry that all the bells and whistles of the insurance company has slightly more than $ 80 per month. The embargo is a Plymouth Breeze 1998, over 130,000 miles on this topic. I think there is too much to ensure the car.
Now ... I urge the insurance, and send me the bill, and we know that we pay for a policy that you and us! WTH ... refuse to change even if I did not drive the car (it is an embroidery).
My question is: Why should we do politics if you take out insurance on their own account and in our own policies are not covered? The car should be insured, are not you?

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