Thursday, December 3, 2009

Beach Curtains -shower Bathroom Design Ideas?!?

Bathroom design ideas?!? - beach curtains -shower

Hello to all!

OK, so I moved into an apartment next month and I have set up each room in the house ... everything to decorate the bathroom. I was originally to purchase a beautiful shower curtain and into something that looked like the curtain (colors, etc.), but I think I want something unique. I even thought about painting on the wall with what was my accent .... Go Big Nothing. Can anyone help? I thought a theme of the city or something, but I will not go with a beach theme, even cliche!


Om... said...

As a topic Asian, Indian or Moroccan? The good news is that if you have a color as the curtain burgundy or emerald green bath mats, and then you can add decorations to painting not as a limit to Paisley, and matching accessories room baths. Or perhaps like me, I live in a dorm 1 APT with my BF, and is especially rich in modern materials have therefore decided it was established to build a good bed and a bathroom to go to sleep so close together that we decorate the room and Bath are almost the same as it reminds us of the great houses extravagant bathrooms. But choose good luck and do not think too much, just a color that you like and experiment, you get what you want.

friendly lover said...

Use to decorate pictures of the family or self in the bathroom with black and white frames and black and white to Nice ... If you prefer, you can buy cartons of red for the pictures and add things such as towels or red-colored candles.

windeee thumper said...

Google the word "tattoo" - This area is large and easily. It's like a wall, and if you want, you can paint over it. There is a discount site there, which should not be too difficult to find.

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