Monday, February 8, 2010

How To Hide A Lip Cold Sore Hide My Cold Sore!!!!!?

Hide my cold sore!!!!!? - how to hide a lip cold sore

IM Bout you a cold sore. I shud jus long before us, shuffling Blistex? N abreeva work? N wats the best way to hide it. I am a receptionist can not say "hello, how ru EVERY1" that walks with pus drippin Outa my lip. UGH gross


Secret said...

Yes, put the alcohol and dry long before us just moving over to a cotton ball disappears in a day or Blistex on it. Burn u use, if alcohol, but it works.

sarahs said...

hey I think I am going to get cold sores too! I hate them! yikess! I take these pills called Valtrex, valaciclovir, or blue, you must tell your doctor. They give 8 of them. Take 4 in the first 12 hours of a cold sore and 4 more times in the next 12th Rather a rule, if I feel something going up! and some poeple that is not completely removed, but for me Apperently only slows the process, and my cold sores terrible! then it is just put some alcohol on a cotton ball and press on my right lip herpes when you are climbing. Killer is! I actually heard from my cousin and worked a little on me. eventually be so small that, if I could not see lip gloss on my lips I put really.
Hope this helps!

Potatoes... said...

Band moved to the Rip It Off


Cover with lipstick

Cut a square of fabric and tape over

Reduce scab "in


can grow a beard

Bekkie said...

I agree with everything you have said .. LilGirly DAB and alcohol in a QTIP

linda h said...


Stan said...

put a bandage on ur lips

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