Thursday, February 11, 2010

Microscope Accessories Just Add The Microscope Can You Lead Me To Retailers Of Microscope Lab Accessories And Staining Chemicals Operating In Pune, India?

Can you lead me to retailers of microscope lab accessories and staining chemicals operating in Pune, India? - microscope accessories just add the microscope

Try the following: --

1) Please contact one of the dealers who have to do with the school and college teams.

Search for 2) on the local telephone directory yellow pages and classifieds.

3) Go to any university and of science on the meeting with the Head of the Botany / Zoology / biology departments and search for relevant information.

4) Try to take the lab in these divisions and to know where they can the chemicals you need, you also acquire information about dealers in their microscopes have to.

Now it's time for vacation heads of departments may not be available.
But the lab. The participants will be there.

A visit to a university and sciencebe more fruitful than the visit of a school.

Thank you!

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