Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Queen Anne Red Dining Chairs Will Queen Anne Dining Chairs Be Too Old-fashioned?

Will Queen Anne dining chairs be too old-fashioned? - queen anne red dining chairs

Hello, I'm a former English table with oval foot of Queen Anne. I must get tickets for them. I would describe my style as you want for the dining room one of the pieces / classic classic with a modern twist. For example, I give the table a fresh look, if on a sisal rug with a red border placed. I am a versatile look old and not a reality, and then home. I think my Queen Anne chairs and modernization by using a fun fabric (maybe red and white stripes Pottery Barn) in the seats. But it still appears to be a dining room very old game? I hear these days is to mix and match your table and chairs - Do you agree? Any advice on getting look like Pottery Barn would be appreciated!

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