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North West Ambulance Service Blog Special Constables (UK)?

Special constables (UK)? - north west ambulance service blog

Currently I am working for Paramedic Ambulance Service North West of England. I want to be a special agent. But ask in contact with Merseyside Police to determine whether an ambulance raced "forbidden" and that it is not said. The next day I went to the GMP (Greater Manchester Police) and the website in the FAQ section on the special offers is said that people responsible for the ambulance service can not agree, then I am confused to work. Who knows if I can join the guard force? The responses of police officers in the United Kingdom / offer will be greatly appreciated, and the holders of knowledge. Thank you very much


Ammo said...

Is not eligible for the Police Corps
The following occupations have been identified that is incompatible with the office of the Sheriff:

Detention officers
Attorneys for Judge
Full-time or retained Fire Officers
Liquor Licensees
Directors / Deputy Directors of licensed premises, the owners of paris / gaming premises (including spouses and partners)
Members of the private police
Neighborhood Guard
Custodial correctional officers (private)
Private Detectives
Private search agent
Active members of the armed forces
Store detectives
Young workers

However, in contact with the police, in which you want to volunteer for more information

dinahmit... said...

Each of these forces have a view and some are obviously a little different, "banned".
I'm special and I am a trained nurse, although one could argue that it is the vanguard of health care from a psychiatric hospital!
But it would be time to replace my work in which the police of my day job
I have some friends who are also special - is a radiologist and dept is working on an A & E.

DOUGLAS D said...

I am a Special Agent of the service and allows people of all types of funds, etc. They have not lost their skills. Do not take no for an answer. Go to your local police station and leave by the commander of the special departments to be contacted. they will do a check on you and your family environment. their work for them is a big advantage, not a negative, go ahead mate.

The One said...

I think it's because you may receive an injury that will affect their work, it was an ambulance paramedic ambulances in London for 20 years, but now in the hands of luck with what you do.

Bear said...

I could not believe his career is prohibited from joining the police. You can not, however, to what everyone said Kraft.

Ignore Stand2 ...... and his wife Jeanne, both against the police. You only need to look at Joan of Q and A to understand.

Best view with their efforts to become an individual.

Edit - Mafia boss is obviously in the know here.

Joan K said...

Stand 2 is correct, proceed to the Rescue, you get very much more respect for the public.

The said...

I told cbr60037
Special Police is a fancy word for
vontantering policeman, which means that you vontantering a police officer in his spare time

* Sorry, spelling, spell check is not the right word

Land of the free said...

Stay where you are, I see the foam, we do it.

Edit: Joan K Stand2 both have a soothing against the police. Booth 2 comes from the small village named in the northwest of Manchester.

mafiabos... said... ...

These were the members of the medical, nursing and midwifery professions and support ambulance service (except written authorization for the use of NHS Trust or Health Authority indicated)

Bascially, if something goes wrong, what with a critical incident, such as false 9 / 11 will be for your region or city or a major incident / critical, as we like to call, then you will be contacted by the police and when the conflict with your role as a supervisor when you have to work even wprk for them too, but it was his day when something really bad, you have two calls to the services that come to the aid to organize.

So why would we need written permission to also depend on the policy of the police for their implementation and further development of the policy of his employer in the rescue .. No response from the United Kingdom-wide rate fell in the local politics.

STAND2 said...

I hate to say it, but you are obviously very caring and honest with a police "special"! Believe me, you are more than enough a hero in your current profession? Don, t 'participation policy "it hurts!

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