Monday, February 15, 2010

Laptop And Handbag In Air Arabia Bringing Canon Rebel XTi On Board Singapore Airline?

Bringing Canon Rebel XTi on board Singapore Airline? - laptop and handbag in air arabia

I wonder, I can on my Canon Rebel XTi (Canon EOS 400D) to keep a plane from Madrid board? I checked your website and it only says:
All airlines of the Air Transport Association (IATA) have agreed to observe the rules for luggage following. May account listed below on the baggage allowance:
A woman's handbag
A coat
An umbrella or walking stick
A laptop or notebook computer
A small camera

I take only 1 lens (the kit lens supplied with the camera) and the bag. Is that correct? I do not want to pack in a suitcase in the hold.

Oh, and I will fly from Jakarta, Indonesia to China. Thank you!


Alec A said...

This is not an automated message useful. Lets put it this way if it fits in a suitcase in his hand and has no water or a gun in it will happen. I have a PS3 on a plane and gave me very few problems. Therefore, the camera should be fine.

And as a heads-up to try to continue on the plan that the film as possible. Pack film, but you take with your camera. Have a good flight.

Kevin C said...

You'll be fine.

I went through the airport with my luggage, my purse and a camera huge box, 18 "x10" x10 "and some did not budge.

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