Sunday, February 14, 2010

Oliveoil For Dogs Ok I Have Heard Of Using Mayonese Or Oliveoil In Your Hair.?

Ok i have heard of using mayonese or oliveoil in your hair.? - oliveoil for dogs

I need to know who is wat? Do they? How long to leave? and how they wash their hair with it.


Sarah H said...

fed olive oil, and does less damage. more mayonnaise.

half cup of each, and the blend works very well!

candace b said...

Both are expected to damp hair. They wash with shampoo. I think the smell is awful, and share how to make a salad in your hair. Hair products works very well, and I personally think the food is too expensive for use in my hair.

Cheeseca... said...

You can buy hair oil! :)

Put it in your hair at night before bed .. Ur head massage / hair
go to sleep and the next day, you have to wash it a REALLY good!
and your hair smells nice:) lol
This is good for hair ...

I hope that helps

Joss said...

Add addition to the mayonnaise mixture and olive oil, two egg yolks and it will strengthen a treatment of the protein that hair. If you do not cook thoroughly with hot water, because the egg is in the hair.

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