Friday, January 1, 2010

Cd Rom Writer When I Insert Any CD In One Of The CD ROM(CD/DVD Writer) My PC Shut Down.It Happens Always.?

When i insert any CD in one of the CD ROM(CD/DVD writer) my PC shut down.It happens always.? - cd rom writer

When you insert a CD into the CD-ROM (CD / DVD) down.It close my pc is an additional CD-ROM does not work, so I did not, I can pc.What format.?

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alexwrig... said...

There are several possible solutions, all work is likely. But make sure you know what you are doing.

1. Check the connections of the device. Make sure that everything is installed correctly and firmly entrenched in their positions (If you do not know how the son will take a digital photo before removing the cable, refer to the images when re-wire insertion, and presented finds that the colors range from which side of the motherboard and the back of the problem.). Then test the device.

2. Remove the device from the crime, and test it on another computer, then test it.

3. Buying a new CD / DVD or even buying an internal DVD burner for something new £ 25.00 for a dual-layer version, or £ 35-50.00 for a little double-layer DVD writer such as LG, AOpen, or all options Plextor reasonable price, depending on what you want, I suggest a DVD that covers most if not all bases - DVD-R / W + - and if possible for your budget that can with DVD-DL. Note that if you are not satisfied with the pRice threatens to go to another bank to try to barter the price, you are the savings you may be surprised.

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