Saturday, January 16, 2010

Gaming Graphics Card What Is A The Best Gaming Graphics And Sound Card?

What is a the best gaming graphics and sound card? - gaming graphics card

IM is planning to build a PC game, what would be the best sound and video card combination for me?


starpc11 said...

Creative Sound Card xfi Titanium is the best on tests, the GTX 295, NVIDIA
is the best, in fact, none of the NVIDIA GTX 200-series are good to go with the sound card Logitech speakers do not sound real, do well, if not get a high-end Intel motherboard and an AMD processor check Newegg and TigerDirect Location

35yeros said...

Most of the advice and know that one day a decent, but go with a Razer Barracuda AC-1 sound card, I had one and ran well until I sold to pay bills.

NVIDIA GTX 280 is a good vid card, not the best, but who wants to spend $ 500 on a single card? Bill Gates?

ATI 4870x2 ATI are doing a good chance to work well and get results in 4 deadly crossfire, and a liquid cooling system for them, I have 2 on the exchange of fire at the moment are buying more machines and ask absoultely in 2 very soon =)

IBMGuy said...

I went with an audio-Fi Radeon 4890 and a Creative X-. You can quickly and effectively, but there is a big jump in the price and not worth the cost if you are a serious player core.

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