Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Credit Card Payment Services What Happends With You Request Your Credit Card Stop Payment To Services Not Received?

What happends with you request your credit card stop payment to services not received? - credit card payment services

Does the company still pay (the transaction has already been done) and only a flag or a mark on your registration card company credit card. Is there something that we mark on our credit files? We had bad luck with a photographer who works with and taking into account this option.


imisidro said...

If you - the customer - a complaint to the owner of the credit card you do not receive the products or services ordered and canceled the transaction, beat the dealer with a so-called chargeback.

Processing of credit cards has been a provider of commercial accounts. If a chargeback to the merchant account provider (usually a bank) issue to the Seller the amount paid by the customer plus a surcharge (usually $ 20 per transaction). If the seller has many objections, but the merchant account provider sets the rate, the trade balance will be closed.

If you are a seller, receive no fun for evidence of the prosecution, because the providers have no refuge. Even if the customer is located, and sent the product (with delivery confirmation and all), once the subject of any dispute, the chargeback to the seller.

Your credit card may be said that the problem is not solved, but in my experience, the merchant account provider or contact the seller to deny someone a fee - a chargebACK is immediately taken to the seller. It only takes time for the company credit card to save money for customers but will be filed once a chargeback, the seller bank account already loaded.

golferwh... said...

It is a matter of controversy. The company credit card with him or her to resolve the dispute. Just because you had a bad experience indicates that it does not work. In this case, you must pay. But you can have your company and services to the BBB in your area and say a bad note in case anyone play controls. It was not reported in your credit file.

kingofth... said...

You are currently using the (for reimbursement if applicable) and contact the dealer who made the allegation. If the dealer can provide proof that you owe them money, you will be asked to prove, that they do not offer. If you are unable to provide such proof, the burden added to your credit card.

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