Saturday, January 30, 2010

What Does A Tremolo Do Why Does My Guitar Go Off Tune When I Use The Tremolo (whammy) Bar?

Why does my guitar go off tune when I use the tremolo (whammy) bar? - what does a tremolo do

What can I do to fix this problem?


Daniel said...

Because you do not have a locking tremolo. If you use the blow, slipping the string on the nut and tuners. If you are not prepared to release the chains, just as it was before. If we are a kind of Floyd Rose tremolo, a locking nut that prevents slipping. Some models Floyd Rose also removed the ball. Cut the ball and the rope held, however, by a cap screw. This prevents landing "contradiction" at the end of the ball, which also depressed the guitar.

Eddie Van Halen used to not lock us managed to keep your guitar tremolo and voted on. He said he has done to make sure that everything is perfectly straight, and with a little WD-40 to the mother who has returned to the slide channel contributed to its original position when the bar was released. He also used a brass nut instead of plastic or bone, and turned the ball off the chain by using the tuner, so that the chain is not twisted. I never had much luck with this. But the great works of Pink Floyd.

father of 2 said...

Daniel is correct and explains basically everything. But there are problems with the Floyd Rose. Basically, if you break a string, you screwed. I was in the room where he broke a string on a song and was able to finish the song ... but if I broke a string on my guitar Floyd Rose has gone straight to hell.
What I did is for non-blocking of the guitar that I have a graphite nut dressing. Questions Leave your local Guitar Shop to a graphite nut to ... actually the size of the mother on the strings, and slide smoothly on the strings of the mother with the bar at a time.
Now I have a lot of guitars ... some with a locking Floyd Rose and all my others have a graphite nut.
In addition, another problem that the Floyd rose to 1 specific parameters. If you suddenly into a drop D or open G tuning or something else will ever hear about Floyd Rose guitar. It's perfect for what he wanted.

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