Sunday, January 24, 2010

Cervical Polyps I Was Doing A Self-exam When I Noticed A Lump On My Cervic, I Dont Know If It Is A Cervical Cysts Or Polyps?

I was doing a self-exam when i noticed a lump on my cervic, i dont know if it is a cervical cysts or polyps? - cervical polyps

I know that cancer of the cervix caused by HPV, because I have a normal Pap test, my gynecologist ... I was looking for photos online and the web site, but says he will not be treated and disappear, but then why is my teaching is to get checked with my doctor ... Cervical cysts or polyps can lead to infertility? also what leads?

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kellylyn... said...

He says that you consult your doctor because no one feel the difference between an abnormal projection of cancer and a stroke cyst normally. There is no reason why they appear, they just do it! Some people think that the mucous glands are clogged. Do not get mixed with fertility at or large and on the street, bleeding, or a permanent condition is something more.

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