Thursday, January 14, 2010

John Deere Trailfire I Have A 1982 John Deere Snowmobile Trailfire That Needs A New Track, Will Any Track Work?

I have a 1982 John Deere snowmobile Trailfire that needs a new track, Will any track work? - john deere trailfire

I have a 1982 John Deere Trailfire snowmobile that needs a new runway, there is no work on the track? Ibought with a broken track and need to know if a track the length and width of the line thats. Work

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Ian K said...

You will notice that a has:

a.) the same length.
b) the same width.
c) The same drive configuration / spacing. If the pinion drive (s) can not connect to them is useless.


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