Monday, January 11, 2010

Credit Card Point Of Sale What Is A Good, Simple Point Of Sale Software?

What is a good, simple point of sale software? - credit card point of sale

I start a small business, I will conduct telephone sales of a product. And I need a basic point of sale system. Basically, I need the program to do certain things:

Credit card processing, customer registration information (name, that is), billing and shipping address, the tax burden and print invoices (you can also print labels).

Of course, if there is a free program that does this, it would be great, but if I am willing to consider any proposal.

Thank you all in advance!


Jersey Girl said... - They also offer a free trial version -- - You can send a sample / retail ...

The QuickBooks needs to be better for you if your business is small. There are many others out there.


Matt M said...

Dale Harris POS software is free, is simple, is to network, and is great.

Do exactly what you need. You can process credit cards in a separate terminal. ...

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