Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Tea Direct Does Anything Happen If I Let My Green Tea Bag Steep For Way Longer Than Directed?

Does anything happen if I let my green tea bag steep for way longer than directed? - tea direct

Standing on the packaging can for 3-5 minutes, but usually leave me sitting on the toilet until I finished the drink, maybe even an hour later. I get most of the stuff "sound" of tea?


constanc... said...

they are not most of the stuff "healthy". What you get is stronger than tea. May, a little more water and take a larger part of each packet of tea. Most teas get bitter if you steep too long. but I do not think that green tea too bitter if left for an hour, especially if you use a little more water (instead of 1 cup water, 1 & 1 / 2 cups). Now, using English or Irish Breakfast tea and an hour to marinate, it would be impossible to drink B / C it is so bitter. This is why many people put milk in tea to cut the bitterness.

Manda K said...

Tea will be stronger, yes, but I do not think that there are more antioxidants in tea. I ruined everything for health, by adding a little milk and sugar anyway lol.

Recca_Ni... said...

Tea will be stronger and probably in a cup of tea, a few leaves, too.

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