Monday, January 25, 2010

Traditional Pizza Oven How Can I Warm Pizza Up In The Microwave Without Getting It Rubber Like?

How can I warm pizza up in the microwave without getting it rubber like? - traditional pizza oven

It can be done? I try to avoid the method of the traditional bread oven


18 gibbs 20 said...

Put a lid on the ventilation and heat for no more than 60 seconds, flat. The cover prevents that moisture and prevents the feeling of rubber.

D_Icon said...

You can try to put the slices in the microwave and the power switch ... Add a few drops of water on a pizza. Microwaves to the water by evaporation for more assistance.

I suggest, with a toaster oven or under the grill function of your oven. This section requires only a few minutes with the options.

CJ said...

Yes, you can do .. To test it in 30 seconds .. then add 15 seconds, if still cold

Been There~Done That! said...

I hear my disks per minute in each direction, check the stage 45 seconds.

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