Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hd Tuner Dvr Can I Use An LCD Monitor With DVI For A TV If I Have A Cable Box With HD Tuner?

Can I use an LCD monitor with DVI for a TV if I have a cable box with HD tuner? - hd tuner dvr

I have Comcast service with a Motorola HD DVR 6412 / radio, and I am equipped in view of buying a LCD monitor with DVI and I want to know if the monitor can not function as thogh TV with a tuner. What are the pros and cons. It seems that the monitors are much cheaper than similarly sized LCD HDTV

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herbal_c... said...

If the Motorola box that has a DVI output supports DVI input on the monitor, it is not possible. The most likely everything is fine. Note that the monitor is likely to have the size of the standard screen and not on the big screen if you are black bars above and below the picture in high-definition devices.

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